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Video Sales Letters (VSLs): A Comprehensive Guide

VSL Principles

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#1 – Don’t Persist – Dominate – Set Your Intentions – Double Your High Score 

When you’re committed. And not going to stop working towards your goals no matter what… 

Then it’s easy to get caught up in that life of trudging through. Persisting on. Fuck persisting. Don’t just inch your way forward. Dominate that shit. You live for this shit. You live for making these kind of campaigns. Wake the fuck up. Sooner than later, you have to be sick and tired of not being the best in the world. Not having the success you’ve already dreamed of. Fuck Persisting. Dominate that shit. 

#2 –  Your Whole World Revolves Around Getting an ROI 

It’s not about making videos. It’s about using those videos to scale upward. VSLs are just the vehicle we use to do that. 


#3 –  Know the EXACT CPA That Would DOUBLE YOUR HIGH SCORE!!

What is the cost per acquisition you’re aiming for? If your product costs $49 and you’re getting $25 sales at scale. Then you’re printing pretty hard. 


#4 –  Complete the Entire Research Process & Have Big Ideas Approved By Authority


#5 – “What I noticed about your writing is it’s all Laser Focused on 1 Idea” – Jon Benson 



#6 – Simple Unique Problem Mechanism + Simple Unique Solution = Problem Solved. 2 Sentences



You’re showing signs of aging

Back Pain 

Your Losing Money 

Better way to advertise 

Aliens have landed on planet earth.

To note:

This table is for demonstration purposes only. We are not making any of the claims nor telling people that these claims are true.

Problem Mechanism

Toxic Progerin breaks down the skin

Feet Aren’t Supported

Ads arn’t converting your viewers 

Not following a winning formulas 

They’re killing everyone.

Solution Mechanism

Progeline reduces progerin by 22%

Acupuncture spots  on your Feet 

Modeling the biggest campaigns in the world. Make world class VSLs 

Alien Blastinator 4000


Cream w/ Progeline Wrinkles go away 

Foot insoles hit these spots to make Back pain goes away

Start making millions of dollars per month 

Kills 5 aliens a second.




This is one of the most common mistakes I have made in my career. Assuming I know “how it works”. Writing a VSL. Having it flop. Then figuring out that I never really understood how the root cause of my prospects problem and how my product solves that. 


Go straight to the source the author. Ask them. 


  • What was the core problem you needed to solve?
  • What did you discover was the real reason you couldn’t solve this problem? 
  • What was the unique mechanism that allowed you to over come this? 
  • How is this mechanism delivered through the product?   


#8 – Know Exactly Who You’re Talking Too. Who has 


#9 – Dumb down the Language for Joe the 51 Year Old Plumber. 5 FK Score (how would a dumb person say this sentence?) 


Science discovered certain proteins  cause your skin to look older. 

Doctor are like, “Yeah that’s true. And it makes me sad” 

Here’s how you know if you actually have it. 

We found an answer. It’s called Progeline. 

We tested it. It reduced progerin and improved their skin. And made them happy. 

We put it in a cream. It works great. 


#10 – Follow the Flow of A Winning Campaign 

Universal Objections 

Objections are so devastating to sales that we don’t handle them. We devastate their entire existence.” ~ Jason Fladdlen 


BIG —> “Constant reassurance that everything’s OK”/“This Will NEVER HAPPEN TO ME!” 

  • “Don’t worry these things never stopped her before. I’ve been an actress for a decade. I’ve always been more or less invincible”
  • ”Well I strongly disagreed, but I didn’t want to argue with my mother. So I tried  to dismiss this whole falling thing, assuming it was just an “off night” for her
  • Happens after the first little incident. She must reject help because she held this false belief. This leads into the second PAINFUL state 
  • This is all actually pretty common. “Doctors see this all the time” 


  • BIG —> You’ve tried to solve this Problem before. You failed every time. Why is this different? 
    • She tried popular patches and creams advertised on the internet. Yes despite promising the moon and making outrageous claims…they just drained our bank account and made us feel stupid (she’s failed just like you)
    • Discovers MMP-13. New unique mechanism 
  • I Don’t Believe You 
    • Hero Says “Almost sounded too good to be true” 
    • Even though I was skeptical of what he mentioned…I couldn’t help but feel a slight glimmer of hope…” 
    • Here’s the research studies to back up all my statements  


  1. “How do I know this is really for me?”
  2. “What unique benefits do you bring to the table?”
  3. “Why should I believe your claims and promises?”
  4. “Yeah, but will it work for ME?”
  5. “How is this any different than everything else I’ve tried?”
  6. “What makes you think I’ll actually get results this time?”
  7. “Why haven’t I heard of this already?”
  8. “How come my [expert] never told me this?”
  9. “Is this really that good of a deal?”
  10. “What if I’m not ready to act today?”
  11. +1. “I don’t have the money.”


Powerful Metaphors

  • Covering up the fact 
  • Stealing away and all pleasures you once enjoyed
  • Liberating You 
  • Tearing through scientific research 
  • Stick with me 
  • I put my Foot Down 
  • I still cringe in horror when I remember…
  • Seeing my mother deal with the emotions of imagining what’s to come…
  • Have zero idea about what to do and tore me to pieces on the inside…
  • NOT the time to start beating myself up…
  • Click was still sticking on my mother’s life…
  • Hard-Headed nature paid off…
  • Having a critical eye…
  • Breaking the shackles on her life…
  • You can only imagine the weight lifted from us…
  • Another lightbulb went off in my head

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